Photos I've taken with 35 mm film / disposable cameras.


         What I love and hate about shooting with a disposable camera is that you can't see your photos right away. You have to wait a few weeks to see how they came out. There will always be some that suck, even more that aren't even worth sharing. But the ones that do come out, either exactly how you wanted or in some totally unexpected way, those are worth waiting for. And the best part is, once they're finally developed, you get physical copies, like memories you can hold in your hands.






Locura // 2017


Final weeks of college // 2017


Coachella // 2017


Europe // 2016


Coachella // 2016


Coachella // 2015


Slab City and the Salton Sea // 2017


Riverside, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz & Bellingham // 2017


Hard Summer // 2016


Summer // 2015


New York // 2015