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Playful Conviction is built upon the creative original work of our contributors. Whether it’s a thousand words or a thousand pixels, we believe that everything on Playful Conviction should inspire. 




  1. We only accept original work. 
  2. We don’t accept projects that have been published elsewhere (this doesn't apply to personal blogs or Medium).
  3. All contributors must agree to the Terms before their project is accepted for publishing.




Playful Conviction is about being bold, creative, and new. We love art that has meaning, words that have purpose, and photographs that have impact. Before you submit to Playful Conviction, ask yourself two questions: What is my vision? What is my voice? 

Submit one powerful photo, or an entire gallery. Write for a reason, but not for a word count. Try your hand at different mediums and submit as often as you want. Most importantly, be honest and be yourself. Talk politics, get naked, say fuck. Playful Conviction is about being bold. 

If we don’t think your submission fits within the theme, we’ll let you know. If we want to feature your work, we’ll be in contact. If you don’t hear from us within a week or so, send us an email to get our attention. Just please don’t poke us on Facebook. 

If you think your project has the potential to inspire, chances are we will, too. Click the button and fill out the form below to start a dialogue. 

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