The Greatest Compliment Unspoken



The gift of your presence in my existence is the greatest pleasure

Every atom and molecule ceases motion when we are together

Falling endlessly for you as your past lives are revealed when our souls embrace forever 

This ravenous desperation I can't deny

This anti-grey matter euphoric high

I want to confess you this so bad

But you look me in the eye

Then I.... *sigh*

I mean I can't tell you how sharing the same air leaves me breathless

But I can go on for days about our favorite show on Netflix

Like "remember when Jim and Pam..."


I don't understand 

Your touch traps my body and elevates my mind into an orgasmic trance

Your gaze pierces my innermost

Melts my core where I stand

(Oh shit here you come)

"Remember that time at Coachella? Odesza brought out the USC marching band."

There I go again...

Spouting all this incessant bullshit that does nothing to prove I care more than the next man

You love me anyway though

Honestly an ugly truth harder for me to swallow than you will ever know

I get it

Actions speak louder than words 

I wrote this 

I can't speak 

That's so fucking absurd.


Skai is a poet currently living in Bellingham, Washington.


Follow him on Instagram: @the_knomad