Inspiring a Real Killer


The Secret Service acknowledged Friday afternoon that the man who breached White House security last week was on the grounds for more than 15 minutes.-CNN

It would be easy to say that things have gotten out of hand.
It would be easy to give up.
It would make sense to discuss backup plans, way out, etc.
It would even make sense to have a few.
It would be a good idea to go along lines and see what happens.
It would be a good idea to wait.
The Pen still cuts well when left unwritten with.
And thinking about what to do feels almost as good as doing it.

It would be easy to kiss everyone tomorrow, on each cheek, once on the forehead.
A preemptive goodbye strikes lightly when everyone is afraid what the waves could bring.
Waves of more fear, waves of artillery, of radiation, of goodbye.
It would be easy to lie down and let them all pass over,
let them turn us into sand
let go

It would be easy to find a map.
It would be easy hop the fence.
It would be easy to outrun the guards.
Hold it in your hands, close tight,
The blueprints made memorized, knees high, arms drive
Toes to carpet of the grand halls, flung behind running through the doors holding tight on his eyes, like the edge, beat him down
Take the pen
Write like rain on his thin manilla skin till they shoot me down. That beautiful rug, that eagle covered in blood, and all over his body it reads:
I just couldn’t.
 but It would be easy.


Ryan is a player of words.

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