Typical Black Man Rant


Bro hit me up the other day like, "You don't smoke anymore? I thought you fucked with the trees."

I replied, "I do, but recently I learned how to turn my mind into a time machine."

Like now when I trap my body and free my mind I fly and orbit the Earth so fast I travel back to a different time

Phantasms of mighty African Kings and Queens that didn't understand what a vacation on that cruise ship really means 

600 bodies in a 300 passenger boat, packed like sardines

Constantly choking on rancid fumes of decaying flesh and human feces

Suspended in a demented reality of apathetic brutal will

Yearning for their only friend Death's, warm embrace

Gagging on unwanted longevity

To eat is to live yet be dead inside

To not eat is to be stripped of skin

The whip is no longer made solely of cowhide

Bodies blended and churned in the bowels for 8 weeks at sea

Expelled, then forced to tend this soil pervaded with the butchered souls of the indigenous for the American Dream

How am I to sit comfortably on a couch and kill brain cells when my people were kept in cells and bred like dogs so I can be here with the opportunity to excel

Sometimes it seems like it was all pointless 

Sometimes it feels likes we are actually living in hell

They tell you to put your hands up so you reach to God for mercy

The last light you saw came from Twelve 

Fucking Zimmerman didn't even go to jail

Speaking of jail, R.I.P. Sandra Bland 

If this is a game I'd say America only has one more life to spare

What's scary is we never seem to have the brain capacity or time to actually care

Not this time though... 4 years

We paved the way for a tyrant to degrade and devour the things we hold most dear for the next 4 years

I'm appalled and I'm fucking outraged

Like an overzealous father at a middle school award show, I want to pick up the 9 and clap shit up

I want to thrash in the face of every crooked killer cop to the white meat 

Until my knuckles resemble our president' s shitty haircut

I want to hurl this backward white male oriented Constitution we've been handed in the same furnace countless innocents were ashed in and slam the door shut

I want to slaughter, to pillage, to ravage the oppressors 

I want the pitiful wails of those that had their anima raped by this country to ring out so we are reminded exactly where we come from

But that's not enough

I cannot allow other's mistakes to mutilate my purpose or distract from the beauty I was born to create

So here I am young,  black,  free thinker, soul healer,  potential extraterrestrial, and positive vessel

Reminding you that life is precious and special

I hear the rumors and expectations of apocalypse and Armageddon for our nation

All while patiently sitting n waiting for the realization that fear and hatred are a few of the tools used to trap us in the matrix

Who am I but a product of two lost souls that just so happened to procreate

I'm here to spread the realest message ever recycled to date

                      LOVE TRUMPS HATE.


Skai is...

...a poet and dancer living in Bellingham, Washington. Follow his other creative works on Instagram: @the_knomad.