To men

This is for you. I hope you know who you are.

I hope you know what you’ve done and that your sin goes too far.

This is for men, if I dare call beasts that.

This is for men, who on life’s heart have spat.


I say to you now, as an equal in flesh.

I dare you to think and to pull back the mesh.

The mesh you’ve draped over girls and women so to suffocate their flame.

As if healing their pain is the same as choking their throat so you can’t hear their fear as they call in your ear

As if warming their souls means numbing the cold with a coat lined in knives . Yeah, blood is warm i suppose.

Well I say now that you choke and numb and stifle in vain for their words, their truth, THE truth, will get out even if it takes a shout even if it takes a fight even if it takes all damn night.


But lord knows you wont listen to those you did wrong.

So, for now, I speak in their stead, though my words aren’t near as strong and I still might be wrong but I still speak cuz though I got a dick between my legs I listen to the heart within my ribs


They were babies once, like you like me like all of us

They had twilight in their eyes and dreams as big as the skies

But babies have to grow, this I’m sure you know

And though growth is fear-ridden with landmines of lies

It can be lovely and funny and without fake guise


But you sat in soft fields—a wolf in wolf’s clothes

And you made sure mine wires were fastened so tight

That no matter what joy comes as mom’s little girl grows

She’ll be cut off, dismembered a soul lost to the night without sight without life without love only fright only “male might” only “guy code” only “wrong clothes” only dreams lost doors closed


Just a body to you I suppose

Your morals, I guess only god knows


What makes you think that you have such a right?

When did you decide consent ever meant “I just gotta fight” and “I’m right” and she’s wrong and I’m strong and all that shit about chivalry and kindness—so long cuz I’m a man and I want a hot chick to rock a mouth on my cock a soft face to sock then a broken soul to mock


Just a body to you I suppose

Just a body of which you can dispose

Just a smell as sweet as rose

But you know the thorns are not on her

That’s not why her skin is so deeply cut

No they’re in rows along your nails

Hammer drives as hard as hail

And you wonder why her skin’s pale?

I mean, you do expect gold as white male

You say “get out in the sun go and move that ass and run cmon baby it’s not hard go and get away you’ll live”


But you don’t know, fuck I don’t even know, how it feels to burn in rays

To wake up and hate the days as if sun was devil’s gaze

You’ve made sun a warning light that illuminates the grime, that the pain and fear and stink and fear and shame and SHAME are just waiting right outside

For a sign that she’s alive for the chance to get inside just one more taste it’s the last time no more baby we’ll be kind


It’s the last time?

What about there’ll be no first time?

What about you don’t cross that clear line?

What about there’s no “California roll” with this stop sign?

What about you stay the hell away and maybe don’t act like a man?

Cuz it sure seems acting like a man isn’t part of her plan

Why don’t you act more like you did when we were all just little kids

You know those things your teachers told you when you were young?

Like treat others how you want to be treated

Or was that gold too pure for you?

How about keep your hands to yourself?

Or what about this one: put books back on the shelf


Well you must have forgotten

Cuz you took her life’s book and you slammed it right down and you opened a page and you ripped out the lines but the words don’t read back when they’re out of their place

All you did was erase

All you did was erase

And then you threw it outside and the sun took the binds and it weakened the glue so the ink can bleed through and now all that seems left is a remnant of theft


But they are not some theft

No they won’t be a case of some soul that’s displaced of some hand clenching mace of some “why the long face?”

Yeah they’ll still walk with grace that you’ll never quite shake and you never can take cuz it’s their life to make


Godamn what is your face?

All I see is a mold that thinks being told “no” is a sign that she’s sold and some legs to unfold

Godamn what is your voice?

All I hear is rock lies that fall far through the skies and sink down to the depths with a chain round her chest


I hear your voice and it sounds like fear

I hear your voice and the sounds quite clear

It sounds like cold winter showers

It sounds like empty power

It sounds like a coward


I know your voice and I’ve made my choice

I’m listening to the other side and giving the finger to my male pride

I’m listening to my heart, my heart that is surrounded by ribs that no women ever needed for creation, as far as I can tell it’s the women who do the creating

I say I’m listening to those whose eyes they have to themselves dry

Those who are too afraid to speak

Those who no longer have a voice

Because you took it from them

Because you thought yours would do

As if one voice could speak for two.



Sam is a poet and empassioned student working to  create and enlighten. Follow him on Instagram: @ samkelley848