Lost Boy


Feel the need to find myself, soul search, 
feel the need find God
go to church. 
Treasure hunting for self worth, 
feel i buried it at birth. 
Now it's lost

And I'm a pirate, 
trying to find a destiny
but failing. 
Open ocean I'm free that's the notion but really i ain't. 
Haven't put my dreams in motion. 

Only trying to run away from my chores, 
still a kid at heart that's for sure. 
On my ship i see people drowning,
wave of responsibilities got me doubting
if I'm supposed to major in accounting. 

9-5 i'd rather hide
live in Neverland
growing up makes life so bland. Caught in monotony
playing life
no monopoly. 
Bored of games
living is such a drain.

I just wanna be under the covers,
not making my bed like the others.


Ariel is an aspiring traveler and personality enthusiast 



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