Moments of Denial


I don't know where my body is.

My mind, I know for sure does not reside where my hollow shell

Lives and breaths.

My existence is rarely here.

Here, right this moment in time,

I find myself gone.

Realms, thoughts, faraway from my physical existence.

However, how valuable I find those present moments.

The weight of a breath how meaningless, but

Unfathomable that single breath is.


I lust and crave at times

the warmth and buzz

of an energy unlike my own.


How still those moments feel,

yet there is unseen restless motion

humming to a tune I can almost hear.


How selfish I am to spend timeless moments in one place

Oozing with a honey filled warmth

That tastes like the belly laughter of a child.

I could be flattened,

Rolled out,

Spun around,

Squished between your toes,

And licked by a friendly beast searching for a home.


I say, I'm right here

I speak these sounds

That wiggle their way through my ribs

Wrapping around one or two before making their way out to you.

And I lie, I cheat.

I smash and jiggle these sounds until you believe it and

I believe it too.



Oriana is a poet from nowhere.