Leave your heart there

where you found it

not on your sleeve

You wear your skin more proudly 

a bronzed medal 

but your place is not 3 of 3


inhabit what is beyond the numbers that rule this life


are not the sum of interchangeable,

indiscernible, parts 


were born whole 


that rises to your excitement 


easily into the embraces of another 


on impact 


How can you contain an immeasurable force?


There are no borders to the kindness you can speak into existence

No limit to the love you are capable of placing into the hands of those around you 


The kind of love you came from 

born of innocence

carried in gold lockets afforded by a child's allowance 

Do not forget 

it was by some magic that your house was built

A foundation of promises

doors that let light in, windows with a view

keep them open 

make a home with these things in every place you ever go 

become smaller with each piece you leave

because although 


are *vincible*

there are things that are worth being conquered by.


Alyssa is a blogger and poet from Corona, California.