Terms of Contribution

Before contributing to Playful Conviction, we ask that you read and understand our Terms.

Ownership: Your work is always your own. Playful Conviction claims no ownership over content that is submitted to or posted on the blog. Contributors may post and share their content at their leisure. However, if contributors submit their work to be published in another medium that claims sole ownership, the Contributor in question must notify us so that we can remove said work from the site. 

Alterations: Playful Conviction will rarely make changes to content. However, under certain circumstances, Editors might make formatting changes to fit our site. Though we may work with you to ensure your work meets basic grammar standards,  we do not alter type once it has been accepted by our Editor. Photographs will be published as is, without editing. All images are posted full bleed. If you desire a different format, please specify with the Editor. 

Promotion: Playful Conviction will promote your work! We use every social media platform you can imagine to get your work out there. Upon submission of our Contributor Agreement form, Contributors agree to allow Playful Conviction to promote, advertise and share all Content on all of Playful Conviction’s social platforms, including our weekly Newsletter. Photographs, excerpts, stanzas, scenes, and graphics may be used, in whole or in part, for the purposes of promotion, but all original Contributors will be credited and linked. 

Removal: You may remove your work from Playful Conviction at any time. If you no longer wish for Playful Conviction to host or promote your work, please contact our Editor at playfulconviction@gmail.com and we will remove your content. Playful Conviction reserves the right to remove content from the site under any circumstances and without explanation. 

Plagiarism: We only post original work. To ensure authenticity in all media: 

  • All prose pieces must be properly cited (we don’t care about MLA or Chicago Style, simple links will suffice). 
  • All written works will be sent through a plagiarism processor. 
  • All digital media will be checked through a reverse image search. 

Works that are found to be inauthentic will not be accepted and their contributors may be banned from submitting content to Playful Conviction. 

Editing: Content cannot be altered once it has been published. An Editor will be sure to send you a final draft of the Post containing your work prior to its publishing to ensure that it maintains integrity and consistency.  

Publishing: We will post your content at the optimal time. As such, we might not post your content as soon as you submit it. It will take us some time to work with you to finalize it, and then we may hold onto your work to publish your content at an optimal time for maximum visibility. If you don't see your work online about two weeks after it has been accepted, shoot our Editor an email and we’ll make sure we get your content online. We will let you know as soon as it’s published!

Credit: This is your work. We want you to have credit. We will include any social links you provide in the post containing your content. We do not accept or publish personal information such as phone numbers, physical addresses, dates of birth, or other legal information (email addresses and city names, states, and countries are fine. However we are not responsible for the security of an email account once it is published. Contributors allow their email address to be published at their own discretion).